The Affordable Care Act provides FORMER FOSTER YOUTH

in Hawai'i with


up to AGE 26.

If you are eligible and would like to apply:

OPTION 1: Apply online now at

*When you apply online be sure to check "YES" when asked if you were in foster care at age 18 or older in Hawai'i.

OPTION 2: Apply in person at any

Med-Quest office in Hawai'i.

*Be sure to say you are a FORMER FOSTER YOUTH when applying in person.

Find a Med-Quest office near you.


1) It's FREE!

2)  NO INCOME/ASSET LIMIT: Your income and assets will NOT be counted against you.

3) A HEALTHY FUTURE: Everyone needs health care coverage.  You are eligible to go to any doctor or therapist who takes Medicaid in Hawai'i.

How Do I Sign Up?


Do I qualify for FREE Medicaid Coverage?

  • Were you in foster care in Hawai'i on or after your 18th birthday?   OR
  • Were you in legal guardianship or adopted from foster care after age 16 in Hawai'i?
  • Do you live in Hawai'i now?
  • Are you younger than 26?

If so, you may be eligible!

I injured my hand while working on a car and did not have medical coverage.  I applied for coverage after I went to the ER but was denied because of  my income and racked up a big hospital bill. The person who helped me was unaware of the law which
provides coverage for former foster youth up to age 26 regardless of income or assets. I received help from an agency that told me about the new Medicaid law. I got coverage and addressed my medical bills. Knowledge is power.

                                    -Glenn, Hilo

3 Reasons to Sign Up:

take charge of your health!