Were you in FOSTER CARE in Hawai'i?

Do you need    Health Insurance?

You may be eligible for FREE MEDICAID COVERAGE up to AGE 26!

If you are eligible and would like to apply:

*OPTION 1: Apply by PHONE (Preferred)

Call 1-877-628-5076

OPTION 2: Apply ONLINE  now at www.mybenefits.hawaii.gov

*Be sure to check "YES" when asked if you were in foster care at age 18 or older in Hawai'i.

OPTION 3: Apply IN PERSON at any

Med-QUEST office in Hawai'i.

*Be sure to say you are a FORMER FOSTER YOUTH when applying in person.

Find a Med-Quest office near you.


1) It's FREE!

2)  NO INCOME/ASSET LIMIT: Your income and assets will NOT be counted against you.

3) A HEALTHY FUTURE: Everyone needs health care coverage.  You are eligible to go to any doctor or therapist who takes Medicaid in Hawai'i.


Do I qualify for FREE Medicaid Coverage?

  • Were you in foster care in Hawai'i on or after your 18th birthday?   OR
  • Were you in legal guardianship or adopted from foster care after age 16 in Hawai'i?
  • Do you live in Hawai'i now?
  • Are you younger than 26?

If so, you may be eligible!

I injured my hand while working on a car and did not have medical coverage.  I applied for coverage after I went to the ER but was denied because of  my income and racked up a big hospital bill. The person who helped me was unaware of the law which
provides coverage for former foster youth up to age 26 regardless of income or assets. I received help from an agency that told me about the new Medicaid law. I got coverage and addressed my medical bills. Knowledge is power.

                                    -Glenn, Hilo

3 Reasons to Sign Up:

How Do I Sign Up?

take charge of your health!